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Residential Snow Removal

Snow Clearing Services

We offer Snow Removal services on a contract basis from October 15 through April 15. In Calgary, snows are unpredictable, and April is always the month with the greatest snowfall.

Snowfalls of more than 1 cm will be removed within 24 hours of occurrence from walkways, driveways, sidewalks and front steps.

We remove snow once during a 24 hour period and make up to 6 visits per month, additional visits are charged separately at a reasonable rate. Ice melt and sand are used when necessary, and billed separately to the customer.

We normally remove snow by using shovels, snow blowers and snow sweepers.

Condominium Snow Removal

We also offer Snow Removal services for condominium associations and property managers on a contract basis from October 15 through April 15

Our Light Kings division does Christmas Lights Installations & Christmas Light Take-Downs.

“Snowtember” September 2014 Snowstorm

This storm, which lasted days, dropped up to 30 cm of snow in parts of Calgary in early September, with all the trees still with full Summer foliage. Massive amounts of tree damage was inflicted across the city. (one estimate was over a million kilograms of tree waste will need to be disposed of)

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