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Your backyard s a perfect setting for a wedding

Having a wedding in your backyard makes the occasion even more precious. The surroundings are familiar, and can be decorated exactly the way you prefer. Being outside adds both the bounty of nature and its symbolism to the celebration. A backyard wedding also adds an intimate touch to the union. And it’s easier to book a backyard than another venue, helping save time, effort and money.
It doesn’t matter if the backyard chosen belongs to the lucky couple, or the groom’s parents, the bride’s parents, another relative or a family friend. In any case, the location brings many special memories to those attending. Be sure to balance the size of the backyard with the number of guests.
Typically you’ll need to rent a canopy and folding chairs, as well as a table for the wedding cake and other food items. When planning an outdoor wedding, have a backup plan for bad weather, either by planning an adjoining indoor space (in the house) for the ceremony, or by renting a canopy big enough to cover most of the yard, which may not need to be used at all if the day is sunny. In sunny weather, a smaller canopy or gazebo may be all you need to provide the wedding party some cover from sun and heat.

The food can be simple, with snacks, cold cuts and a barbecue, or it can be catered as fancy as a wedding held in a banquet hall. You can also have the meal cooked by friends and relatives and brought in.
When hiring wedding entertainment, you can have either a DJ or a band, who can play outdoors, but you should check that there is enough room and electrical outlets for them to plug into. You should also check with local authorities about noise restrictions and any required party permits.
The decorations and flowers can come from the yard’s flower garden or be brought in from a local florist. Consider an outdoor or floral theme for the wedding, which can be reflected in the invitations.

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