Empire Yard Services Residential Landscaping
Empire Yard Services Residential Landscaping Services

Empire Yard Services’s Weekly Garden Maintenance

We care about your lawn the same as we do about our own.

The service includes cutting the grass, triming the edges along flower beds, along driveways and walkways, and around any trees and bushes in the lawn, and disposing of the grass clippings for you.

This service is often coupled with flower bed maintenance, and can include regularly scheduled lawn fertilizing over the course of the growing season.

Irrigation startups and trouble-shooting, zone configuration updates, and fall blowout & winterization.

For our lawn maintenance customers, we also do pet waste removal (small extra cost) prior to cutting the lawn. This saves having to separately schedule doggy waste removal.

Start good lawn maintenance in the Spring with Seasonal Services like Lawn Aeration and Power Raking. We also prepare your lawn for winter with a Fall Clean-Up.

Flower Bed Services

Empire Yard Services Residential Landscaping

Flower Bed Maintenance

The service includes weeding and turning the soil in the beds. We can add fresh mulch to the beds, if requested. This service is often coupled with weekly lawn maintenance, or can be pre-secheduled at specific intervals throughout the gardening season.

Another related service is trimming of hedges and bushes, particularly along property lines.

We Do Acreages!

Our commercial grade equipment is adaptable for discharge/high cutting, mulching and manicure cutting.

We maintain an number of large lawns on acreages and estates in Springbank and in Elbow Valley in Southwest Calgary.

We also maintain a number of large estates and acreages on the South Western and North Western edges of Calgary, both seasonally and annually