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Empire Yard Services Power Raking Package

What does the Power Rake Package include?

The package includes power raking, cut and trim, light bush blowout to remove excess leaves, and finally a hand raking and removal of all debris.

What is power raking?

Power raking (de-thatching) is the process of removing the dense matt of of dead grass roots and stems and grass clippings that builds up in your lawn (thatch) by using a vertical mower that passes through the grass, breaking up the layer of thatch with sharp verticle blades and then depositing it on the surface, leaving the surrounding grass intact.

The grass is then mowed and trimmed and all debris is raked up and disposed of.

Empire Yard Services Shrubs & Hedges

What will power raking do for my lawn?

Regular dethatching forces buds to grow near the base of the grass stems, preventing the grass plants from being dead underneath and only green on top. Thatching frees new grass shoots to grow in thick and lush.

When to power rake?

The best time to power rake is in the Spring. This allows for removal of thatch from the previous season and maximizes the potential for growth of healthy new grass.